Microformats goes up a notch


Mozilla labs in mid Dec 2006 released the next step of solid integration of a detection tool into a browser platform with the release of the Firefox extension Operator.

Previous to this there was only the Firefox extension Tails. Good as it was, it effectively stopped development with the release of Firefox 2.x. Tails was just a microformats detection and browsing tool.

What was needed was a reliable client side general parsing tool.
The exciting thing about operator is that it is just that. Allowing the full integration with parsing of the relevant microformat, hence acting as the bridge between the data of the microformat (eg hcard) and the desktop application that its applicable to (eg MS-Outlook). But that’s just the beginning, you can also push data like from say a photo or event location to google maps. This solidly takes microformats out of the geek application and into the realm of a reliable implementation for the average non technical computer user.

Now if we can just get a similar toolbar from say Yahoo and / or Google for Internet Explorer then we will start to see the benefits of all current implementation of microformats across the web.

The download – .

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