Do Blog Ads equal Spyware?


It’s an ongoing debate, do you put ads on blogs (usually from Google) or not. Jeremy Keith thinks they suck and if you do you are an ad whore. Mind you I think he is missing a point in people wanting to drive traffic to their blog. It’s easier for Jeremy; author, speaker and web rock god. People just flock to his blog to read his pearls of wisdom. Others without this bonus (for which Mr. Keith has worked hard – hats off to you Jeremy) have to find other ways and means to drive traffic, be it Digg,, Technorati or 9 rules etc, yes we have to whore.

Now fellow west aussie Nick Cowie does not agree and is strongly considering ads for different reasons as pointed out by Brian Clark. Nick feels that ads will give people confidence with his blog, if they are coming from Google. However it seems that Brian is careful with his adverts and very picky (from what I can tell).

So what of Google ads, that are very popular on blogs, can we trust them? There is an increasing (and long standing from mid 2005 see Preston Gralla) rumour/fact that maybe Google ads are not being vetted that closely. Are Google adverts allowing a click through to a site that is a portal to or popups or the like? Imagine the casual visitor’s dismay when they click on an advert on your blog only to end up with a spyware attack or a zillion popups being launched at them. That’s not going to build confidence is it? How is Google vetting its own ad network, if at all?

Richard Maryland, is concerned that Google has in fact started (maybe unwittingly) partnering with spammers. This may come down to the limited advertising model that Google is offering. It doesn’t stop the problem however. To make matters worse Alchemist at Digital Alchemy extends a recent McAfee report in that 1 out of 20 search results are unsafe, and that in certain advert networks its more unsafe in the sponsored links (the adverts) in Google (okay better than most) these same adverts can be distributed within the Google adsense network and onto your blog.

So what you say it’s only 5%. I say 5% is too high. If this really is occurring Google should start some hard and fast vetting, and do it now. Would you run the adsense gambit?

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