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I have attended many conferences throughout the years, Web / Internet conferences during the times, general IT/tech conferences (usually local) during the down years. I try and make a rule to get to at least one conference a year and one nationally based one every two years. I’ve yet to get the funds together to do the 21-25 hour trawl over to the US or England for a conference. Even through the IAsummit2007 was very tempting. Running your own business means that taking a week and half out of a busy work schedule to travel to the US is usually going to need a far bit of planning.

Is it me or are we being bombarded with conferences at the moment. Last year I counted 14 web related conferences around Australia and New Zealand I could have attended, let alone the ones overseas.

I have recently (in last 4 years) attended :

  • A usability conference/workshop, that I didn’t agree with at all. Don’t get me started on the “why I think Nielsen is outdated soapbox”.
  • A FlashForward, that was great fun, but way too short.
  • A few local and national ACS conferences, now they where a waste of time, those guys just don’t get the web.
  • Then there was the intensive Austalian IA conference OZIA 2006.
  • And the amazing Web Directions 2006.

But I have never been to a developer conference like the MXDU (Macromedia developer conference) series.

Well this year it changes, its already all booked, I’m going to WebDU 2007. WebDU (22–23 March 2007 in Sydney, Australia) is bascialy a local Adobe developer conference for Australia and New Zealand, its put together by Daemon Internet Consultants. I would have gone in 2006, but client demands stopped that one happening, same as they did in 2005 with WE05.

WebDU 2007, 22–23 March 2007 in Sydney, Australia

Like I said never really done a developer conference before. Now I don’t expect the level of networking and mad social conference adrenalin that Web Directions 2006 or FlashForward produced. In fact I’m not real sure what to expect.

The blurp goes…

…webDU will now to encompass a larger spectrum of web technologies and will bring you the best of web technologies, ideas and what the future holds and with and with a bevy of top class international and Australian speakers on the agenda….

WebDU07 is slated as basically a Flex, Flash and ColdFusion developers conference. One thing I do note with trepidation is that the program seems to be almost flooded with Flex. Now I’m not a Flex fan. I can see its place, but I would prefer unobtrusive Ajax instead of Flex any day. One thing of note, for me, is the focus on Flashlite on the mobile platform, now this product has matured a bit and it maybe worth taking a look at. I would have liked a lot more Coldfusion, a debate on the frameworks on offer, a preview the next version of Coldfusion maybe, a future direction!

So if you see me there come up say hi, I’m the one with the zimmer frame (only joking).

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