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I’m on the countdown now for , this will be my first WebDU, not that I’m a stranger to the conference scene as such (see previous post on WebDU). It’s just I have been a little bit quiet on the ColdFusion scene of late. That’s not quite work wise, but just getting to events and all the rest. Flash, well I used to love Flash and enjoyed working and coding in ActionScript. But business reality hits home. I don’t really think Flash has a place as a serious tool (flame away), it’s just I can’t find any work for people with Flash skills in the long term. Flex, well I have a love hate relationship with Flex. This is why I’m bundling myself into Sydney a day early for the Flex crash course workshop to see if I’m just missing the Flex-goodness or not.

There is the usual panels, presentations etc, Adobe thinly veiled selling sessions – hope I’m wrong on this one. Geoff Bowers and Julie Steadman have certainly done a great job at filling the conference program out with four streams. That many sessions that I think I’ll have to be cloned to take in all the ones I want to do to. One minor criticism, where are the women. Sigh! Is Kay Smoljak right in saying (various times in various places) there are not a lot of women as developers / coders and the server side end of the web is dominated by males.

One of the programmed highlights for me will be the webjamming. The usual 3 minutes to strut your stuff. Now given the standards that have come out off Sydney locally over the last two webjams the quality at this event is going to have a high degree of intimidation factor with it. As I write this I note that there are only 8 of the possible 16 slots filled. Is Geoff holding some back, or are we falling short.

Frankly given the output of the last webjam, and the degree of work that went into the applications etc from Earle Castledine, Cameron Adams, Andrew Krespanis and Tim Lucas. I’m not surprised that people haven’t been fronting up. I know Lachlan Hardy has been trying to get people to front up.

Question is are we upping the anti too much at the webjams (videos available too). Or is there a sustainable degree of the talent out there in the web community, and a webjam is the perfect place for would be “Web Rock Godlings” to strut their stuff.

Have I had the time to put together something… well not likely? Rotating my neck the wrong way last week, put a stop to that! Mind you I do have a few ideas, just no time to implement them, as usual. And I could do a filler slot, but jamming wise it’ll be … well, I’ll leave that till later, if it happens.

Still I’m ramped up for WebDU. Reality is the program is really secondary to the people and the non-programmed events. Bring it on!

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