WebDU – Wednesday 21 March – Minus One


It’s 4.50am in the morning, I was going to save this blog entry till the respectable hours of the morning, but the effects of too much alcohol, MSG on my system has left me totally wired. Better to burn out the sucker, than lying in bed tossing the turning.

First up after a stroll up towards the Bridge end of Sydney, there was a solid day of having Flex downloaded into my head, you know the drill, unscrew top of your head, pour in Flex, mix, re-screw on top of your head, thankyou James Talbot (from Adobe) for the massive headlong push into the world of Flex. I’ll be looking into Flex some more.

After the Flex Workshop, it was time to have the National Adobe User Group. Time to hear lots of empty promises from Adobe. Well I was I little surprised in the question and answer session it has basically all ex macromedia people and frankly for a change they where telling it like it is, no crap, no lies no fluff. Which for once was refreshing.

At the National Adobe User Group, Tim Buntel had a micro presentation on Scorpio (Coldfusion 8), nothing I suspect that we didn’t already know about. We’ll get more on this later at WebDU. The interesting highlights where:

  • The ability to create PDFs on demand
  • Image manipulation (about time too)
  • The ability to create Breeze like presentation on demand
  • A Rich Text Editor leverage from the use on one tag.
  • Acceptance of output from PDF forms into Coldfusion
  • Minor improvements to cfscript

The Rich Text Editor is of interest to me, as it’s leveraging the same RTE that I would use anyway, (usual javascript based RTE). It will have the various features turn off or on for the editor’s toolbar etc, and will allow support for the control of the HTML output, usual SDK for this editor, but bundled into the expected Coldfusion style tag. The real shocker was the demo. Well Tim shows the RTE and its output text that is now wrapped in a paragraph and font tag. Yeap we are rocking like it’s 1999. With a bunch of base HTML code output that just isn’t cutting the standards compliance. WTF! Adobe please get with the party. Use standards, we are trying to build a better web. This little black duck is going to be having words on this one, I can tell you.

Well I have the registration pack. Average bag (like I really need another one!), but the one major oversight is the program booklet, there is no list of the program agenda, no easy reference to what is next on the day and where. Okay if you couldn’t get it into the booklet (printer deadlines and all that), at least have a card printed for the lanyard.

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