WebDU – Friday 23 March – Day Two


Yes the previous evenings entertainment at WebDU was “interesting”, in general all had a good time. As normal things ended all too quickly. I have no idea what the people from the US would have made of the “Kath and Kim” stage show. If you know, post away below. With some of speakers having a session at today, reality bites and things didn’t kick on that much into the small hours of the morning.

Day Two

  • The keynote, Ted Patrick showed off the next generation of Flex and its CS3 integration, seeing this I think I’m finally getting it as to where I can use Flex. Tim Buntel ran through some more Scorpio (Coldfusion 8.0) goodness.
  • Now I had a three-way conflict. Go see Cameron Adams and Russ Weakley show people the correct way code (nothing new there). Listen to Caleb Adam Haye pull Yahoo APIs into Flash. Or see Charlie Arehart empart this rapid overview of ColdFusion Caching (it’s C-A-ching Charlie not Ca-S-hing). I opted for Charlie. The range of caching options for Coldfusion that he presented blew me away.
  • Urgent work pulled me away from WebDU, so I missed Jesse Warden Flash Lite talk. Which is a shame. Hoping for the podcast goodness later to fill the void on this one.
  • Okay got to see the workflow from CS3. Thankyou Greg Rewis. Yes, it’s going to be good, yes Fireworks is the optimisation Engine, Yes Dreamweaver and Photoshop can be tightly coupled. Finally I got to find out what has been bugging me for a while with Spry. Greg revealed later the Spry (Ajax) Javascript in Dreamweaver isn’t that accessibility friendly or unobtrusive. So again we all still have a job fixing the output from Dreamweaver.
  • More Scorpio, interface and tags for rapid developments from Tim Buntel, working with Breeze like presentations, PDFs and images. Interesting, but by this stage I was getting a little tired of the Adobe demos.
  • Speaker Roundtable, the usual let’s see the Adobe dudes avoid the hard questions. I would have preferred the non-Adobe people on the stage for a general panel. But we got more Adobe.

The Wrap

On a side note, was there a lot of twittering, well no! I was asked countless times, what was Twitter. Maybe Twitter was just not in the mindset of these web geeks. Sure some Adobe dudes are TWI. Some people get it. Some do not.

WebDU is slated as “A rock concert for geeks”. Well it had is share of Adobe “Web Rock Gods”, and the lower profile “Web Rock Gods” where the real stars as far as I’m concerned. The Adobe crew were interesting, but frankly they where all glossed in a little “sales” gleam. When it was people like Brandy Fortune (power to you Brandy), Kai König, Jesse Warden, Charlie Arehart, Caleb Adam Haye and Dmitry Baranovskiy, these are the people using the technology they are the real stars, the real people with real stories, no sales, no pitch, no NDAs. WebDU needs to enlist more of these types of speakers. Sure have a few of Adobe crew, but it would be nice to have less of sales pitch and more of the real “Web Rock Gods”.

Was it “A rock concert for geeks”, well frankly, no!

Let me explain. I’m sitting here in the hotel, flying out tomorrow, and I have this distinct feeling that I have been cheated. It’s like I have only just seen the support act, and missed the headlining band. I felt the hype, I felt the start of the adrenalin boost, being energised, feeling like I can take on the world. But as the last item on the agenda wound down, the session of community and all the hype just evaporated, leaving me with a feeling of regret, like I was just missing something.

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