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Did Twitter Jump the Shark

It was a little amazing last night (WST-AU) Twitter had been a little flaky, but at least it was operational. Then “it” started, someone was talking about alternatives to Twitter. Slowly but surely people went and checked out Jaiku, signed up, collected their friends, of course this meant more of their friends signed up as well. The wave of Jaiku signup spam started to lap my email inbox. Within 12 hours my lonely old Jaiku account had gone from 5 odd contacts on Jaiku to a modest 40 odd. It was just amazing to see the power of the peer group. People not wanting to be left out, not wanting to be out of the loop, just in case people did migrate to Jaiku. Often the Jaiku sign up was followed by the statement:

Just looking at Jaiku, I still like Twitter, just having a look.

It was a bit like lemmings going over a cliff. People were signing up at a rapid rate. The funnier thing was that the trend jumped timezones, the “just checking out Jaiku” continued from the OzPack into the the BritPack, and then onto the US. I suppose we geeks like to have a backup system.

Well Twitter has been stable for most of today. Adapt there has been a distinct reduction in usage. But what went wrong, well the people at twitter tell us it was just a series of bad software deployments. Makes me think maybe the cats are running the application deployment at Twitter.

During this time the cry went up for Jaiku base desktop tools. They were reviewed and some taken up, some not. So now people have a Jaiku and Twitter account, so if you want to be distracted by both of them, can you have it all in on application or page.

Well help is at hand, Rodney Olsen suggested people go have a look at TwitKu. Despite the plain interface and the Marquee Tag (urrgh) it does the job at hand, allowing dual posting (why if you have a public twitter feed). Most importantly you can see both streams at once.

Did Twitter Jump the Shark? Or were the cats having a very bad series of days.

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