September is Conference Month.


Well it’s coming around again this year, September. And as usual it’s full of conferences. The ones in Australia of interest to me are Web Directions South (September 25 to 28) and OZ-IA (September 22 to 23) both in Sydney.

I’ll be attended both. It’s now locked in, airfares booked, accommodation checked out, ticket to WDS07 and OZIA booked?…okay not yet. With OZ-IA I have to wait for Eric Scheid to provide more details, but I know it will be good. As for Web Directions South, as usual John and Maxine have placed me in a difficult position, which workshops to do. Franky there are just too many choices. Damn you John and Max you are making life hard for me, I just don’t know which ones to pick!

  • OZ-IA.

    The local Australia Information Architecture conference, this is especially good for people like me on the west coast that don’t normally get to be in on the IA loop on the east coast. It provides an intense refresher and networking event. I’m looking forward to this conference. If you have an interest in IA then this is the Australian conference to attend.

  • Web Directions South.

    This conference has build over the years out of Web Essentials conferences into the premier Australian web industry conference. This is the conference to attend. It covers all that is web design, development and now has a management focus. In a way this year for WDS07 is special, its the first time it’s moving up to the next level in my option. It’s going to be a challenge for all to ensure that the magic and intimate nature that this conference has built up over the years is not lost. In a way it is critical that it remains the fun learning experience with lots of peer interaction that it has in years past. I’m sure it will. All in all looking at the program and speakers it’s going to be yet another action packed conference.

    Oh yeah, go join the facebook group too. And congrats to Scott Gledhill, Ben Winter-Giles, Laurel Papworth, and
    Cameron Adams on the speaking gigs.

If you you haven’t started thinking about WDS07 of OZIA07 then you should, September isn’t that far away.

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  1. Gary,

    thanks for the very positive words. You are right, we are very concerned that we get the balance right, and ensure that the conference remains an event with the intimacy which allows peopel to begin, foster and develop relationships with their peers, while at the same time, remaining relevant and worthwhile in terms of content. It seems that at least some of the conference in our industry around the word are getting a little “samey”.

    I’m confident we can strike that balance

    thanks again, and see you in September


  2. Thank you dear. I wish I wasn’t giving one of the workshops. The other one on entrepreneurs looks mighty enticing. *grumbles* 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to both conferences. Haven’t booked on either yet, but am definitely going no matter what! Catch up with in Sydney!

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