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A leaf on Stone in a Zen garden, Random Order.

Don’t usually do these, but this one will be interesting. Kathryn Greenhill has tagged me into the 8 random things meme (and I can’t reuse my twitter posts). I was thinking 8 random things isn’t hard, till you have to do it. So what do you put in a list of 8 random things. Are we talking about 8 random things about me, maybe. When I think about that, this isn’t what this blog is about, so you’re not getting that Kathryn. But then again what about 8 random elements or items that are floating around or influencing me at present.

  1. Freelancer’s Gold

    The blog Freelance Switch is a fantastic resource for freelancers or small teams. If you are a freelancer, go and subscribe to the RSS, the posts are just gold.

  2. Colour has Emotion

    Some people just don’t get this, but colours have an emotional projection depending on your cultural and environmental background. Blue PEC give us a brief run down. Andrew LaPointe was talking about it way back in 2000, all the colour and emotion stuff. Even the marketing people like Charlene Rashkow realise it is important. It’s worth considering.

  3. Photosynth

    Watch the demo video for Photosynth (based on Seadragon), then think about the implications of the media extension of the this. This is just stunning, this is going to change the way the visual collective memory of society and the meta verse tags are collected and viewed. This is inter linking the semantic information of the images bundled together into a 3D matrix of existing media. Now take that concept and extended it to all media types within an overlay of a 3D visual media. Seems Phillip K Dick’s vision wasn’t that far off.

  4. Don’t wait for Others

    At Web Directions South 2006 Conference, Ben Winter-Giles and I where discussing CSS frameworks and the pros and cons of using the system in a practical web design view point. And now Jeff Croff writes a List Apart article on this topic of CSS frameworks. Just goes to show that there is nothing, yes nothing between the people writing for the leading blog sites, and speaking at conferences and the audience. We are all Web Rock Gods.

  5. Over Priced Coffee Table?

    This made me laugh, hat tip to Sarcastic Gamer, its just such an effective critic of the Microsoft Surface, but it has it’s point. Mind you the concept of MS-Surface is sound but the price (US$10,000) really needs come down a lot before you ever see these in your local coffee shop.

  6. Distributed Project Management

    A while back I came across the peer to peer project management software Groove, originally developed by GrooveNetworks. However the product has subsequently been brought out by Microsoft and integrated into the MS-Office suite with a server component as well. This product before Microsoft got hold of it was amazing, still is to a degree; but the requirement to have MS-Office 2007 is a bit of a sticky point.

    Also no Mac version, now if it was to work for windows and mac I would be very happy. Still it’s a product worth looking at.

  7. Maintaining the Muse

    I have in a way talked about this before in Web Burnout, but here is Keith Robinson’s take on the problem. Some good ideas, most of it comes down to creativity being a skill and habit to be maintained.

  8. Chicken la Robot.

    The Robot Chicken video series has been a favourite of mine for a while. Especially the Star Wars parody.

Now It seems I have to pick another 8 eight bloggers to blog on 8 random topics or points each. So lets go with:

  1. Sarah of Velvet Unravelled
  2. Nathanael of Pure Caffeine
  3. Matt Didcoe
  4. Kay of any one of her blogtrilogy
  5. Simone of Not So Secret Life of Simone
  6. Krissy of Tooaskew
  7. Rosemary of rosemary.id.au
  8. Nick of Nick Cowie

Usual disclaimer, if you are not interested, don’t bitch about it, just ignore it.

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