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Well today BarCamp came to Perth. Finally we the people on the West Coast of Australia got to have a BarCamp.

And once again I stepped up to the podium (not that we had any). Not once but twice. In true BarCamp style a presentation panel was thrown together in a mad hurry on the topic of “Start a Web Business” with Steven Hambleton, Miles Burke and Rosemary Lynch and myself. Of course we went overtime, and of course people wanted more so with half the talk done we moved to an afternoon slot.

The real presentation I came with was an introduction to the WordPress Loop and how it works. Here is a PDF [3.68 Meg] of the slides from the presentation. And it’s below, as well on Shareslide. There will be a podcast and video (yeah you get to see my ugly face).

There is now a BarCampPerth Wiki, go have a look at the other presentations.

Massive thanks to Myles Eftos for organising the event.

I will blog more on this over the next few days.

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  1. Your WordPress talk was really good, I especially liked how you went into the code, most of it I knew, but it was fantastic how you broke down each of the pages and what it does. And the slides each had a sense of humour as well.
    Haha, LEMONS!

  2. @Josh I was going to be it very techie and give some really neat examples and ways to push your templates, but the audience might not have been looking for that so I just changed track. I hope it worked.

  3. Enjoyed your talk Gary (and the sound effects) 🙂

  4. And I wouldn’t have minded more techie either 🙂

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