WA Web Awards Finalists Announced


Picture of A Black Tie

Today the finalists for the WA Web Awards for 2007 were released. This is the third year that the WAWAs have been presented, and this year I’m deeply humbled by a finalist nomination for this blog. This was very unexpected and considering the outstanding quality of the other finalists for the awards, I do feel a little out of place.

The WA Web Awards is the Western Australian black-tie web event for the year. All within the luxury of the Duxton Hotel, Perth on the evening of Friday 17th August 2007, 7.00pm. Tickets are from $110 for AWIA members, good value if you consider what you are getting for your dollar.

So if you are in WA and your are not going, question is why not, good food, good wines, good people, what more could you ask for.

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  1. Good on you for throwing your hat in the WAWA’s ring. Well done on becoming a finalist.

  2. Congratulations – well deserved I think!

  3. Good luck Gary! The three blog finalists must have been very close – all three are excellent. It would be funny though for “the man with no blog” to win the Best Blog WAWA 🙂

  4. Thanks guys for the kind words.

    @kay that would be very ironic to the extreme!

  5. Hey Gary – just wanted to say I am really impressed that you made it to the WAWA finalists.

    You must be quite happy with that!

    I have seen the transformation of Gary from the first time we met at that WAEC meeting – if anyone deserves to win in that category I think you do.

    Good one!


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