Podcamp Australia is it Real or Not


Podcamp Australia

Coming off the hype of BarCamp Perth in early July was when people in Perth found the PodCamp proposal. This instantly attracted the attention of the Web and related new media industries in Perth.

Podcamp has been proposed by Jared Madden of Indimedia and Adam Purcell of redPIXEL. However at the time of release of the proposal there was not a lot of information about the background or credentials of the people behind Podcamp; well to people in Perth. So what do we know about the organisers. Let’s look at the simple things:

So it seems that there is some foundation behind this proposal. So people started voting for their preferred location for the Podcamp.

But still with scant details many people just expected this to all be a market spamming ploy or just two guys out for some self promotion. Fast forward a three weeks. The web site has improved, the information is updated, but still very scant. My contacts in Sydney however tell me they are real and that they were at the Sydney Twitter Meetup. There has been some issues of sexist images on the site, but hats off they did respond in the timely manner on this matter, frankly it should not have occurred in the first place.

Then there is the question of the voting transparency.

  • It was assume that the voting would be about a month or less. But suddenly the date was set a long way off for the closing of voting.
  • The voting was a percentage of the total, Now its in “stakes”, whatever they are.
  • The stakes for Perth (okay I have a vested interest) went from 116 to 114 to 118, yes thats right they went down, something you would not expect
  • There was a constant update of the voting status on a daily basis on the twitter feed, and the site was updated daily. Then it all went quiet. Suddenly Sydney is catching Perth, and still no return to the constant updates.

So all this does seem a little suspect doesn’t it.

  • The Pessimistic View

    One could say that it doesn’t make any difference, Sydney will win, no matter what anyone does. The decision has already been made, and all the posturing is just vapour. To cut costs it will be Sydney. This is all just a self promotion exercise by the organisers. Minor point, but funny how the default on the signup form is Sydney.

  • The Optimistic View

    All the lack of information on the Podcamp website and the votes are just the signs of two organisers that are inexperienced at gathering support for an event across multiple new media industries. And hence they are now madly trying to regain creditability. All costs for travel and accommodation will be met by sponsorship. Jared and Adam are genuinely looking to put on a Podcamp in whatever city is selected by the people’s votes. The lack of constant updates is just an oversight.

You make the choice, go vote if you like. Go support Perth, is there any other new media place in Australia, I think not. Will it make a difference, I don’t know, I hope so. Lets just hope it’s these two guys behind all this, and they have just made a few classic community building mistakes. All my research and conversations with contacts seems to indicate they are on the level. What do you think?

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