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Finally ColdFusion 8 (code named Scorpio) has come out of Beta and onto the shelves of the world, bringing with it joys to ColdFusion developers everywhere. I have discussed elements of ColdFusion 8 previously in passing (in relation to WebDU07). As expected Adobe is now going to start ramping up on the ColdFusion sales pitch, which is fair enough, they are a software company out to make money.

Now I like ColdFusion its simple but very powerful, it’s like the Apple MAC of the web software world, it doesn’t get in the way when you are coding, it just works.

With ColdFusion 8 we get a number of very timely features: Server Monitoring, Dynamic PDF Generation and Forms integration, Ajax based addins, .NET integration, MS-Exchange Server integration, Interactive debugger (finally), Image manipulation and a heap more.

Well to prove to you all that ColdFusion is not dead (as some would have it) ColdFusion User groups around the world are putting on various special events, and the ColdFusion User Group of Western Australia is no different.

So if you have used ColdFusion previously and gone over to the dark side (just joking) or have site using ColdFusion but have no idea what all this geeky stuff is, then why not join us.

Come along, it’s going to be like a mini ColdFusion trade show. There will be lots of food and drink, and there is even a copy of ColdFusion 8 that you could win (thanks Adobe) along with the usual social networking. There is even a special presentation prepared by Adobe’s Ben Forta.

When: Wednesday 8 August 2007, 6pm Correction 4PM
Where: REIWA House, Hay Street, Subiaco
Cost: FREE
RSVP: Required

So book the evening. So that’s Webjam, the WAWAs and this all in the same month. This looks to be an interesting evening as ColdFusion User Groups from Australia and New Zealand follow the moon, handing over from one to another.

Also let’s see if we have really get the word out on this one. I see Kay has already started the ball rolling.

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