Let’s Review


Back at the start of year I documented a list of possible achievements for the year of 2007. Well we are now well and truly past the halfway point, so now is a good time to review.

Achieved Goal

  • Do more networking outside of the web community. – Achieved
  • Drink less alcohol. – Achieved – not drinking at all during the week now.
  • Get more organised. – Partly – I know what I have to do, it’s just a case of doing it.
  • Hire good developer and CSS people. – Partly – may have the developer bit fixed.
  • Read more tech books cover to cover. – Achieved
  • Stabilise the business income. – Achieved
  • Take up public speaking. – Achieved
  • Write more. – Achieved
  • Watch less TV. – Achieved, down to 2-3 hours a week.
  • Attend at least 2 conferences this year. – Achieved, or will be come the end of September.
  • Take more photos. – Achieved, getting a good DSLR did help.


  • Sleep more and consume less caffeine.
  • Work smarter not longer hours and implement it.
  • Leverage the weekend back.
  • Do less coding and more consulting.
  • Don’t read blogs during the day.
  • Take up rock climbing.
  • Get those decent pair of road blades.

And still this list remains unobtainable, mainly due to lack of time more than anything.

  • Get back on the bike and do more road cycling.
  • Read for pleasure.
  • Draw and paint for pleasure.
  • Write fiction.
  • Take up Kung Fu.
  • Learn to play the Sax.

Or maybe I’m just setting unrealistic goals. What do you think. Do we have a habit of setting goals that are unachievable?


  1. That’s a nice list of achievements there Gary!

    As for your question about setting goals that are unachievable, that probably differs from person to person. As for me, I set goals which may be unachievable now, but hopefully not in the long run (i.e. they’re long term goals).

    One of my goals (long term) is to get back into playing my violin. Unfortunately, it’s sitting and gathering dust under my piano.

  2. Setting goals and then making sure you achieve them is hard. Interesting thought do you have the list somewhere highly visible to remind you — or is it mainly tracked in your head? Maybe there lies the issue?

    Take up Kung Fu? My husband broke his arm twice last year – Tai kwondo


  3. @Sue, they used to be in my head, now all goals are documented and listed. GTD style.

  4. You can never set your goals too high. Aim for 110% and fail at 90%. The alternative is to aim for 20% and achieve it. Push yourself, you might be surprised. 🙂

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