We Came, We Saw, We WebJammed!


We just had Webjam in Perth on Wednesday night. It went off! With just three week notice there was around 100 people attending and 14 people stepping up on the night. I have been to a Webjam before at WebDU, but that was a poor second in comparison to this. The vibe on the night was just amazing. It was good to see all the aspects of the Western Australian Web Industry come together. The depth of talent and ideas that came out of the jam was amazing. From Lichen Webmail, Kromes bookmarking system, Myles Eftos with CTR (Canvas Text Replacement) the list just goes on.

With a little under a week to go till Webjam I decided to step up (thanks Kay Smoljak for the prompt). Not expecting to win anything, just hoping my presentation would raise a smile on a few faces. Well I managed somehow to snag third place. I can tell you that blew me away.

A note about the presentation “Western Web3.0“, it is not meant to be serious at all, it will not mean much without the audio. Anyway, it works by clicking on the numbers on the left of the screen. If it doesn’t work in your browser, tough, it was only made to present on the night and that was it. It maybe a tad slow to load, like I said it was a quick and dirty production.

Richard Giles and Simon Wittber from Scouta stepped up after major issues with the screen projector and gave us and won. Nick Cowie web-sledged us all and made us race off and make our sites work on the mobile web, and took out the second post.

Big hat tip to Lachlan Hardy, Lisa Herrod and Tim Lucas for bringing webjam to Perth, you guys rock! Thanks also to Nick Hodge from Microsoft for trekking across to Perth.

Rumor tells me there will be a webjam next in Perth at the Byte Me! festival, rock on!

Tonight is the Western Australia Web Awards (WAWAs) presentation. Yeah you know I’m a finalist. I should be excited and pumped. Instead I’m just plain exhausted, it has been an extremely busy week. You can follow the twitter feed on the WAWA site too if you aren’t at the WAWAs.

Update: and curiosity of Stewart Greenhill here is the video of the presentation:

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