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We all know about twitter. if you have been reading this blog for a while you would have come across a few posts on twitter. A while back in May 2007 I wondered if we would be using twitter at Web Directions South 2007 or OZ-IA 2007 in September. Well with less than a month to go to these events it would appear that twitter is in for the long haul. Interesting and amusing things from twitter recently:

  • 1000 Monkeys

    The genius developer Andrew Tetlaw surfaces with his 1000 Monkeys Twitter API implementation. Very funny go check it out.

  • Twitter Groups

    People have been talking about this for a while. So taking a leaf out of the Pownce, Chris Messina has suggested a method of implementation tag channels in Twitter. Looking at this closely I can’t really find any major problems with implementing it. What do you think? Personally I prefer the proposed groups implementation from the twitter fan wiki using the “g” pre-directive.

  • Twitter Etiquette

    Well we could all do with some from time to time a little Twitter Etiquette. Given this Sue Waters has put together a wiki to help build a centralised Twitter Etiquette knowledge base. Go on race over and add your contribution.

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  1. Well Sue Waters has been told off quite a few times, by various people, for breaking twitter etiquette, that there was a need to document appropriate etiquette. Thankfully Gary you also pointed us to a really good Twitter site, so I have noted at the top of the wiki that for serious information on Twitter go to the Twitter Fans Wiki.

    The site we set up was totally in jest, and to have a laugh at ourselves because we are forever telling each other off. However it appears that we may have broken twitter etiquette again as some have been less than amused. OOps.

    Although others have expressed their thoughts that it is amusing, and we even have had a member join the space. Amazing :).


  2. Re Twitter at WDS

    we are working on some cool stuff to have twitter, blog posts, flickr photos and other online schtuff that attendees are producing on screens all over the place at the venue – that ought to encourage folks to put stuff online.
    more on this soon


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