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3 things of a random Twitter

We all know about twitter. if you have been reading this blog for a while you would have come across a few posts on twitter. A while back in May 2007 I wondered if we would be using twitter at Web Directions South 2007 or OZ-IA 2007 in September. Well with less than a month to go to these events it would appear that twitter is in for the long haul. Interesting and amusing things from twitter recently:

  • 1000 Monkeys

    The genius developer Andrew Tetlaw surfaces with his 1000 Monkeys Twitter API implementation. Very funny go check it out.

  • Twitter Groups

    People have been talking about this for a while. So taking a leaf out of the Pownce, Chris Messina has suggested a method of implementation tag channels in Twitter. Looking at this closely I can’t really find any major problems with implementing it. What do you think? Personally I prefer the proposed groups implementation from the twitter fan wiki using the “g” pre-directive.

  • Twitter Etiquette

    Well we could all do with some from time to time a little Twitter Etiquette. Given this Sue Waters has put together a wiki to help build a centralised Twitter Etiquette knowledge base. Go on race over and add your contribution.

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