Three Restricts Broadband Access


Are we just in a walled garden

We all know that the boardband services in Australia are like that of a backwater country, speeds of 256kbs, 512kbs are in some countries laughable, here that’s the average. Things like restricted bandwidth, shaped monthly allowances, crippled topend cable speeds, and limited upload speeds are all the norm in the “Lucky Country“.

Still I needed mobile wireless access for my laptop outside of the free wifi in the Perth CBD and the office. In reality there are only three main players in the this area to choose from. One has average coverage over the populated areas, but steep pricing, that’s Telstra Big Pond. Then there is Optus with cheaper, not by much, pricing and limited coverage. The final player is Hutchison Telecom or better know as Three, they offer good coverage in the capital cities, and a reasonable price plans per month. So for a month I have had mobile wifi access via a HSDPA Modem, in general it gets used when I’m out of the office on business, usually not a lot of overuse but having access to every element of the web can at times to critical. I have however noticed that I can’t access some sites.

It seems that Three have decided that certain parts of the web should be restricted to its customers. Customers who are paying for the service to access, what you assume is, all of the Internet, not a segment of it.

I know in our new age of freedom we need protecting, but at least give me a clear option on this. Not a segmented web into “possible mobile phone use” or “general web use”. This is like trying to tell me which browser I should use or which car I should drive on a certain road.

Lucky there is a workaround. Seems if you want full access you have to use the Planet 3 services.

For the Mac (OS X) You can add another configuration, via Internet Connect. Select the HSDPA Modem, Select Edit Configuration on the Configuration drop down and add a new configuration as follows.

  • Service Provider: Planet 3
  • Telephone Number: 3services

So now if you want to access all the web you can use this configuration. Please note that this will incur extra charges when accessing a Three email account via port 25, using a third party email, no problem. Otherwise I have been informed by Three support that their are no other additional charges. Point to note Three support wasn’t able to tell me about this alternative either.

But frankly maybe Three should just stop restricting the web in general on certain services, I want it all the bright and the dark side of the web, not a walled garden (for that I’ll use facebook).


  1. Gary, I was wondering what you where talking about when you mentioned this on twitter last night. However now I see why, those are the settings I have been using in my phone and card modem since I got them, many months ago and never had any problems accessing any sites (except the odd DNS error) with 3.

  2. @nick These are not the settings out of the box. So I figured there will be other people with the same problem. Still question remains why restrict access?

  3. Hey Gary, I’m also a three user, I swapped out my configs as you mentioned (previously 3netaccess as the dial number) and get a load of this. my connectivity speed increased dramatically! and my gmail started working properly.

    Thanks very much for the tips Gary, you rock.

    All that aside I’d like to join you on your soap box there, I pay for the connectivity, what I use it for is my business, and I’m old enough to know what I do and don’t want to access. I haven’t been blocked to anything yet, but I’m sure that if I was I’d be annoyed).

    If it was a connection through work or one for free, sure I’d expect to take what I’m given and get over it.


  4. Gary I was given “3services” when I signed up, I had to talk to their “Mac expert” for some reason. Seriously tell them you have a Mac and they switch you to the Sydney office and people who do not assume you are an idiot for having to call them.

    Because “3services” worked that is what I used when I connected my phone later.

  5. @nick, interesting. Told them I was on a Mac first up, end up with a second tier support person that I could tell had never seen OSX at all. He asked me to start Safari which is under the Apple logo. I told him that’s not what’s on my desktop 🙂 Anyway he still had no idea why it was restricted.

  6. ROFL, safari under your apple logo. BWAAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    only thing that’s under our apple logo gentlemen are the led’s that power our screens.

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