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Last afternoon of Web Directions South 2007, it’s all gone a little to fast, this year there was a large number of people from under the radar. This was good. The use of the business stream at the conference would have done this.

Lisa Herrod – Usability: more than skin deep

Consideration of usability is more than just the visual layer, we have the consider the code aspect from the user experience and the technical aspects.

Establishment on the major profiles of the site can determine the overall productivity of the usability of the site and the end result. These most be seen as real people and not the shallow standard definitions. They should be considered as normal people, with the disability as a minor feature. We have to examine and details of the full user community with a Holistic approach. Need to bring users with disabilities into the primary user group.

Technical compliance is not accessibility. Bad accessibility is also bad usability. Need to consider removing the all content roadblocks.

Interviews must be with real users, who use assistive technologies. This is more than just blindness. Should be User Centred Design. The overall team must take responsibility for the usability. Consider taking the Priority checklist and inverting the requirements to meet a team role distribution. Accessibility has to be integral to the complete design process, not an after thought. Usable site must be usable to all users and fully accessibility. Need to consider user testing of the site with all users.

This was a full to overflowing session, the overall theme was one of a practical delivery of usability via the use of full team resources not just the front end developer. One point I do question if a project under $20k can afford to do user testing. Business reality, the integration of usability into the project as a whole, yes, the project user testing to this scope, no.

Mark Pesce – Mob rules

And yet again Mark Pesce has delivered a mash up of popular web videos. He then rolls into the third world expansion and implementation of the mobile communication for market distribution of primary produce. This influence on the market produce distribution with the use of mobile phones is changing the economy of segments of third world countries. It appears that the use of the mobile communications is allowing the raising of the economic status of the worlds poor.

Mobile communication is of more benefit to the worlds poor than the rich.

We are the network. The people are the network. Talking Meshnets, but you need a termination gateway. You can’t control the mob, they will find the use. The web is services not sites. Advertising is a form of censorship. Mark is going for the jugular! This session was just awesome.

Web Directions South 2007 wraps for this year!

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