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Iphone or Itouch?

There was the hype over the iphone. We have all hear or read about the iphone. I had the chance to play for a while with one at OZIA, thank you Stephen Collins. Okay it has a nice interface, it is very intuitive. It works well as the wifi based web browser platform or if you have a few video or music files that you want to play. As a phone, well it’s an out dated mobile using GSM EDGE technology, all very well and good in the US (the target market) not much good in the Australia.

So we are left with a “pretty” crippled wifi browser with limited media playback due to capacity restriction, pretending to be a phone. With a camera at only 2 megapixel, my phone 2 years ago had that, why should I go backwards, and no video! this is just lame. Now don’t come back with the augment that wifi in everywhere. Yes restricted locked down wifi is everywhere, free wifi is not. I am lucky in that the CBD of Perth, western Australia has free wifi. However I generally am not it the city that much. So that leaves you in the situation of providing your own wifi. So with a iphone I need a wifi modem to use it, or just have a “pretty” out dated GSM phone.

Enter the ipod itouch. There was an Apple geek feeding frenzy as people at Web Directions South 2007 scrambled to get their hands on an itouch from Friday 28th September. Personally I resisted. The degree of Apple fan love in as everywhere, no-one was immune, it was plain sad. So what’s the deal with the itouch; same interface as the iphone. No phone functionality, you get wifi, generally crippled PDA functions. As expected there is flash-memory driven data and media storage. Basically it’s a cut down iphone without the old GSM technology. The itouch having wifi browsing functionality is good, and somewhat limited as you have to have wifi everywhere (see above).

But my beef is the capacity for your media library. Now I don’t like to build playlists and upload them for a selection of my library. I want all, yes all of my music library at my fingertips, yes I am greedy, I want to be able to select from anything and build my playlists on the go. Even the 16 Gig itouch just isn’t enough, 60 to 80 Gig and I would be happy. So what does the itouch really give me, limited media playback, nice GUI, a crippled series of applications (can’t have it competing with the iphone can we) and limited wifi browsing . So why should I upgrade (downgrade in a way) my existing ipod. Sorry Apple I’m not impressed, I’ll wait till version 2 thanks.

What do you think of the itouch now its been out a while and all the hype has died down, is it really worth the price?

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  1. I came at it from a different angle.

    I think the iPhone came out, and everyone saw the Touch as a cripple iPhone. However, imagine if the Touch came out before the phone. It would have been an enhance iPod with better media capability, wifi, and a web browser.

    If you consider it from that angle it’s a fantastic enhancement to a music device, bringing video and mobile browsing to the masses.

    I had the same concerns over the capacity. But a few weeks into using it, I haven’t found it such a big deal having to manage my library.

    Personally – given I seem to remember spending more than $550 on my first iPod – the price is a bargain for something I now watch recorded TV shows on, videocasts, and browse the web from bed.

    My two cents :).

  2. @Richard, Point taken, I just can’t justify $550+ for a smaller device, anyway I never buy version 1 Apple hardware, lets fix the bugs first.

    Mind you show me a trend and I’ll not follow it :).

  3. I get yah.

    I have a great excuse. I “needed” one for Scouta 😉

  4. I’m with Richard on this. I still get a thrill with “slide to unlock” and the interface is just super nice to use.

    Keying text can be a bit hit and miss!

    Sure it’s geeky to sit in bed watching tv on the iTouch… but I’m still getting a kick out of that.

    Using it as a remote control to change tv channels on the laptop is fun.

    I have a great excuse too… I “needed” one to keep abreast of mobile web technologies.

    Happy camper.

  5. @Rosemary Now I have heard everything $500 for a computer remote. I guess I need to hand my geek badge back..

  6. Well there are some educators saying that the iphone and itouch have solved all the mlearning problems. There will be no need to develop content for the mobile web and these devices are the answer.

    Would rather have my Mac in bed with me!

  7. @sue thats a really good idea lets just develop content for one device, like one browser or computer too. Lets put itte messages on the content says “Best viewed in…”. Lets ignore that fact that the Itouch and Iphone are only in the 2-3% of the market at best (compare sales figures).

    People just have no idea. We want the content open, free not in walled gardens!

  8. Developing a better experience for the small screens that can take advantage of it isn’t putting a wall around the garden. The content can be available elsewhere but unless you have a browser like Opera Mini 4 or the webkit/symbian/iPhone browser you likely aren’t *using* the mobile web.

    If nothing else though, the iHype puts competition out there. Loving iCrap is partly because Apple mixes style with function and it works well. Nokia has been flopping around with decent style but confused function. As have other phone makers… Personally I would prefer a N800, but the iPod touch will do.

  9. I agree with Richard that it should have come out before the iPhone; I’m not sure if it has as much educational value as the iPod yet – the lack of capacity for podcasts or instructional videos, and the lack of notes.

    I was disappointed when it came out, I thought it would be the iPhone without phone component but pretty much everything else. However, after being convinced by quite a cynical friend that it was worth it, I did end up buying one.

    Now, on my iPod Video 60gig my whole library was only 17gig, and much of that was music I’ve been meaning to delete cause I skip past it every time I listen on shuffle and lots more space was taken by podcasts I’d already listened to (I manually manage my iPod too…).

    Anyway, going down to 16gig was good because I was made to rethink what I wanted to listen to. But, it wasn’t $550 just to trim my playlist which I could have done on my iPod.

    I’d wanted a PDA for a long time, but knew I wouldn’t use a 3rd device (iPod & mobile phone being the other two) and would hate carrying it around. I love my Blackberry, but needed something with more function. So the iPod Touch looked the way to go. I was majorly pissed off when I found the notes tool was missing – but I’m hoping that Apple comes to it’s senses or that I can use a hack tool to put this app on (which I shouldn’t have to do, but i’ll save that rant for another day).

    But, in the end I bought the iPod Touch because I simply like it.

    (I’m waiting for your response – $550 to make you happy?!.. well, lots of people can spend that on other things to make them happy! Like drugs, food, clothing, whatever their interest!)

  10. Gary,

    here’s my take on this.

    Forget the iPhone
    forget mobile phones with browsers on them
    Forget laptops with wifi.

    Just pick up the device, and use it for web connectivity for a day or two.

    to me it is a living breathing prototype of the future – It’s not perfect, by any means, but as a user experience for the mobile web, well, it redefines it.

    Not too far from now, I predict, most people will access the web most of the time on devices much more like this than your laptop, mobile phone, let alone desktop (which would still I’d say represent the device most people use for web browsing).

  11. I think you guys are digging into it too deep. The Itouch has a class on it’s own. If you can’t afford it then stick to a nokia 5110. The Itouch is a fun hardware. it’s a god dam media player for god shakes. What more can you ask from it?

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