10 Signs You Are Working Too Much


Too much coffee

At the moment everyone in the Australian web industry is saying the same thing. They are more than busy, they are completely flatout. Often over worked and trying their best to maintain their usual quality of work with the limited resources that are available. In a way being overworked is like being under extreme stress. But as humans we are very easy to adapt to changes in environmental conditions so you may not be even aware you are overworked, so here is a checklist:

  1. Your family and friends have got so used to not having you around, you feel like a stranger when you are around them.
  2. Closing yourself off from your friends and associates, stopping all contact, ignoring emails, phone calls from them etc.
  3. You have a spiralling compulsion to work longer and longer hours, trying to squeeze the last few minutes from the day.
  4. Your level of caffeine and stimulates has increased to the point that it disrupts your sleep, what little that you are getting.
  5. You are putting aside relaxation or regular exercise in favour of getting the job done, you feel compelled to finish the tasks at hand.
  6. You are finding that you are getting really irate at mundane things. Like when you have to wait for anything, queuing at the checkout, in traffic or waiting for a late scheduled meeting.
  7. General forgetfulness of anything that is not work related.
  8. Missing family special events, such as partner’s work events, or children’s school or major sporting events in favour of work.
  9. Long term sickness, like a cold or flu you just can’t shake.
  10. You get to the point that you can’t tell what day it is. You avoid drawing the blinds as you don’t want to look at the beautiful day outside as it’s going to distract you.

Well if some of these sound familiar maybe it’s time to look at what and why you doing it all, lets stop the burnout. Remember life it just too short to waste it on endless work. enjoy it. It will be over before you know it.

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