Er…It’s the Silly Season


Christmas 2007

Silly season is here: Internet Explorer 8 passes the Acid2 test, Andy Clarke wants the W3C CSS working group to rethink, Forbes releases the 25 top Web Celebrities for 2008. Yeap you can tell things are a little crazy, must be something in the air in relation to the season this time of year. Okay some of these items have a very serious side (IE8 and the CSS working group). But it is a little amazing how all these important issues and others tend to launch themselves at us just as we are preparing for a much earned break with family and friends.

Vote Vote Vote!

Just as important is the voting for the top Australian Top 20 Web Celebrities for 2008. Now this is a very serious vote, no journos making up list around the lunch table here. So go on go vote, or nominate someone. You still here, go vote…

Another Social Networking Site

Also this week a very serious highly sophisticated social networking site TOSN was launched. I highly recommend that you go over and sign up for the beta. Oh and watch the video too.

Merry Christmas to all (if you celebrate or not), roll on the silly season.

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