Why are we Working in the Web Industry?


Getting off the Endless Carnival Ride

At this time of year we all get a few days to get off endless carnival ride of our industry, this allows us time to reflect. Or simply unwind and contemplate the old navel lint. It’s at times like this you ask yourself why you really got into the Web Industry in the first place.

Now I’m not talking about because you need to provide or earn a little cash for yourself and your nearest and dearest.  No I’m going beyond the material domain. We all have to earn a living in one shape or another, so let’s just put that aside.

When I was thinking on this, my immediate response was that I work in the industry because of its dynamic ever-changing nature. Not a week goes by when there has not been some change, some enhancement in development or design. This is good, but then this is not really a reason “why”  but a consequence of working in the industry. The real question comes down to what is the core reason you would work in the web industry if you didn’t have any of these considerations. What is your inner passion.

For me personally it’s a desire create, to produce something; something of value. Basically it comes down to a desire to improve the human condition, if only in a small way. What about you? Why are you really working in this industry?

When you think of it, web standards compliance, the web methodology, tools, or the developmental platform you are using, does it really matter. Sure they help a little in the process but do they really provide the final product, are they really critical to it all? I would say not. Yes that’s right all these things are not that important in the final creative process.

Is all this bickering and discussion on the W3C or web standards important in the reality of the design process and for the industry to continue? Well not really, the industry will go on. Creative people will continue to be creative. We will adopt various methods and techniques that we need to implement the designs we are painting in our minds.

The web standards community needs the web industry; not that the web industry needs web standards to survive. We have to remember that at the end of the day.

I’m here to create, how about you?

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