8 things you didn’t know about me


Another year is here, a little bit older. And let’s start it off with another meme. Friend and fellow (now ex) Perth person Ruth Ellison has tagged me on the “8 things you didn’t know about me” meme, and this one has strict formating rules and things like that. How strange!

The rules :

  1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
  2. List EIGHT random facts about yourself.
  3. Tag EIGHT people at the end of your post and list their names.
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

So what are the juicy facts about me:

  1. I have a passion for ancient and medieval Irish/ Welsh Celtic history and culture. I’m not talking about that neo-paganism clap trap stemming from the Victorian Golden Dawn, but the real historical record and academic discussion on the topic.
  2. Was doing inline speed skating, until march last year when I slammed into a rink wall (with helmet on) head first after a slide out. As a result I was in a neck brace for a few weeks. Needless to say I had to give up the competitive element of the sport (Doctors orders), not that it’s generally dangerous, I was just unlucky. I still recreational skate, but it’s not the same.
  3. I was born in England. But I have never seen snow. Given that I hate the cold I don’t think I will be seeing it soon.
  4. Back in the dark days before there was the web I used to code in dBaseIII and IV.
  5. I have a degree in Organic Chemistry. Yes that has nothing to do with web design, usability and information architecture does it. But ‘m a great believer that all a degree does is teach you how to learn.
  6. I’m waiting for the “moment” when you suddenly have to get serious and “grow up”, I seem to have missed it.
  7. I collect and read comic books, not the superhero ones, I was involved with the Australia Comic book industry for a short time way back when.
  8. I have given up trying to find time to read fiction novels. Although I do have a passion for good cthulhu fiction.

So I am going to tag the following, some have already been tagged, but not responded, so they get a double dose of tag prompting:

  1. Nathanael Boehm – Nat has been tagged before but has not responded.
  2. Sarah Issacson – Sarah is a good friend who seems to and fallen off the Blogosphere, I blame Travian.
  3. Laurel Papworth – Laurel is a social networking guru, time for her to step up.
  4. Ben Winter-Giles – I met Ben at Web Directions South. Ben is one smart guy, Who doesn’t blog enough!
  5. Jesse Rodgers – Jesse is a Twitter contact, UI person from University of Waterloo, time we pushed this internationally.
  6. Sue Waters – Not that Sue needs an excuse to blog.
  7. Teresa Watts – Teresa is an extremely talented designer. When I grow up I want to be able to design like she does.
  8. John Johnston – JJ seems to have been to busy to blog. Well this will fix that.

So that’s it. Not tagged but want to join in, go for it.

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  1. LOL I only got tagged a few days ago – it took Stephen a month to do his so I’m hardly slacking off 🙂

  2. Thanks for playing along! I love finding out these kind of interesting things about friends.

    As for #3 – if you ever happen to come along to Canberra, there’s always the chance to see some snow in winter (and I don’t like the cold either, although we do a lot of skiing).

  3. Now here is a technical question is the meme “8 things you didn’t know about me” the same meme as “8 Random Facts?” Cause if it is the same I have already done this meme. I will await your clarification 🙂 .

  4. @Sue – close but technically no, one is about YOU, the other is about some random information that you find interesting.

  5. Not quite convinced. Random facts was about you. Here were the rules for the Random Facts meme: 1. Post these rules before you give your facts, 2. List 8 random facts about yourself 3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them 4. Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they’ve been tagged

    Sounds like the same meme to me? Just there has been a name change of the meme as it has progressed through the blogsphere :).

  6. Don’t worry Gary, I tagged you… sorta. random facts are always the best ones.

    Cheers Gary.

  7. […] initially by Stephen Collins on the 7th but then an additional tagging merely 5 days later by Gary Barber, who deemed I was being tardy in writing my “8 […]

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