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Mobile Web Design


The book has been out a while. I did first read Mobile Web Design by Cameron Moll a while back via an pdf e-book version on a plane flight. The book is short to the point and very much suited to the electronic media format, with all the links activated when they are referenced, which you would expect.

First off this is not a book that you teach yourself how to code for the mobile web directly step by step. However it is a beginners guide to the mobile web as it stands today (circa 2007). This book is rather a reference guide on where to find the relevant information on mobile web development and the issues that you will face.

Cameron presents in a somewhat chatty and personalised style a web standards based view on mobile design and the problems that we face. He covers topics from an overview of CSS/XHTML implementation in the mobile arena, testing and validation to the alternative platforms such as Flash Lite, use of Ajax and Java ME.

Cameron’s refined style of conversation is engaging to the point that on many an occasion I was hoping he was going to explain a topic in detail and not shunt us off to a web reference. That said the book is short at just over 100 pages and does cover a board topic range, and it’s a starting point for a board topic so this can be forgiven.

The only thing that does detract from the print version verses the e-book is that the pdf is in full colour, where as the print version is in black and white. Clearly the book was written and designed with screen reading in mind (which is good). However some of the reference tables in the print version where a little hard to read for me personally, no problem in the pdf version as you can zoom in on the tables.

Overall good read, if you are looking at design for the mobile web this is a good place to start.

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