Ideas4 – Done and Dusted


Well a little over a week ago AWIA pulled off another event miracle, Ideas4. It organised an evening seminar for the local web industry in little under 2 weeks. As usual it all came together nicely on the night with over 100 people attending and even a special blow-in guest from the US, who just happened to be in town.

Jordan Brock kindly videoed the two talks presented by Lisa and Rachel, encoded and uploaded them to Vimeo.

Rachel Cook, despite being 8 month pregnant, amused us all with tales of Silicon Valley and web 2.0 startups.

Ideas 4 – Rachel Cook at Ideas4 on Vimeo.

Where as Lisa Herrod on her birthday trekked all the way from the East Coast to present on holistic usability and accessibility with Usability More Than Skin Deep, Proving that checklist help but real people should be part of the equation.

Ideas 4 – Lisa Herrod at Ideas4 on Vimeo.

Thanks go to both Rachel and Lisa. You really made for an awesome evening.

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