Now UX is Usability


During the week the general terms of User Experience and Usability become interchangeable. Huh?

Well the ISO standard ISO 13407 – the International Standard for Human Centred Design (gets a new number too! – ISO 9241-210) is being side shuffled it seems. Now it’s a standard for User Experience. Is this a good thing?

What is User Experience, really! Well for me it’s all the aspect of the front end user interaction, the emotional response to use the page, the effective usefulness, the accessibility, the audience’s perception of credibility of the site and the directive of the user towards the site’s goal. Usability (ISO 9241-11: Guidance on Usability) on the other hand is just an narrow aspect of this entire user experience

Seems that Tom Stewart agrees with me on the definitions and to top this off the ISO people feel that the standard is more about the experience than the ease of use. Fair call.

So we are basically cranking the entire process with an User Experience focus. I suppose the aim here is that business overall, not just the big players, will adopt the general aspect of UX and make it the core of their developmental and design process. One only hopes, I don’t see it happening around here too quick, but that’s another post, eh.

For some people this will just be a semantics over the term being used. So by Monday morning I expect all you usability consultants to fully up to speed with being UX consultants :).

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  1. Very nice post. Thanx for the link.

  2. Interesting post Gary. For me, the User Experience is the end-to-end interaction that is experienced by a person (whether staff or client). I’m doing a UX talk at BarCamp this weekend, so I’ll make sure that I’ll post a follow-up in my blog after BarCamp ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This is my area of interest, too. UX, for me, is about the overall user experience and their environment; this includes such considerations as their physical/emotional environ, the business process and activities. I presented at BarCampCanberra about UCD in Govt and Don Norman / Jared Spool commentary (couched in sensationalist terms)

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