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Web Directions UX 2008

After a workshop with Andy Budd yesterday and an evening with the WSG, it was time for Web Directions User Experience 2008 conference proper. With a packed out the Melbourne Town Hall with a focused not a the general web process but the user experience.

Andy Budd – Designing the Experience Curve

Initial and end experiences are the ones that are memorable.

Negative experiences stand out more than the positive experiences

We don’t have experiences in a vacuum, they are supplemented by the previous experiences

References to Hierarchy Needs. Online experience is not at as intense and positive as the off line world. Often they are just barely functionally adequate.

First impression really do count. they set the expectations for the experience. It can be easy to get the experience wrong. Visual impressions for attractive people, products will entice the consumer. The same can be said for packaging, for example for an Ipod. This is a little like geek porn. WTF!

Games slowly builds up the game play functionality layer on layer. Show them the functionality to get them excited.

Newbie overlaid help functionality and explanation of the screen items.

Attention to details is important, this makes the experience more seamless. Car door sounds, and smells, are part of the experience.

Personalisation and Customisation can be very powerful in the user experience space.

Game and online world customisation of characters and avatars in the online world. People react to small amount of peronalisation and feel locked into a online community, they will tend not to leave the community as there is a degree or loyalty.

customisation of standardised drinks at Starbucks,

Small details, can be use for a delightful experience. Personality in the experience is important.

Constant feedback on the experience is very important. rewarding that you are progressing in the experience via the use subtle cues

Learn from real world experience and transfer them to the web.

Tell people what point they are up to at an point in time – eg Kayak

Point of failure is the best opportunity to make positive experience.

We are programmed to collect and explorer. People like to collect, but leader boards can produce a negative effect.

Pull holistic experience from the real world into the web experience. Negative experience is just a lack of a positive experience.

Andrew Kesper – ABC Election Site: Making the most of the dry data

Needed to revamp site to latest environmental specification. Resused existing solutions, just restyled them, this allowed focus on not tools for interactivity.

Use video and audio elements, the interactive prediction calculator, live news feed, and interactive focus on changing seats.

7000 hits per second, 10,000 plus connections. Flat files with flat server side includes, quick and simple as possible. High usage of flash and javascript. One css and Javascript file, cached, the allowed for.

Used inner-html to insert a table row and render changes for the house of reps calculator. Used Yahoo JS library.

Used GMap component using Google maps API with Flash. API allowed overlay of Flash movie, allowing for zoom in instead of using the vector coordinates, Flash maps accessing same XML files. Wanted to use Google Geo code, cross scripting problems, finally used scripting tags feed to web page then to flash element.

Animated bar charts. – use javascript with manual onload event firing at end of page, used pre width determination.

Donna Spencer – Getting Content Right

People like to be user centric with in a social. People learn well from a narrative.

Figure out the Whys, who cares, so what of the content.

It’s about focus on the customer not your needs. You are not important.

Content needs to have voice, voice that will engage and promote people to read the information. It has to speak to the audience and feel like there is degree of care.

Ensure that the voice is one real voice. Avoid the content to be written by committee. Write as you speak, make it a conversation with the reader. But to do this you really have to find your voice.

Show and Tell. Now that is not diagramming, images graphic, Writing it, but remember a picture says a thousand words. Illustration can sum up the information within seconds.

Donna then illustrated these principles with the rewording and restricting of the content.
Really focus on writing like you are having a conversation with the person reading the page.

Creation of persona for the web to encapsulate consist voice. Place persona into style guide, words used, examples of content and approach.

Me thinks Donna is become a bit of a Petrol Head with all her TopGear passion. 🙂

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