On My Way Home


Well a good friend Ben Winter-Giles has tagged me for an interesting meme. You have to document with a simple camera your journey home. I don’t often do memes, but this one is interesting in that it gives a snapshot of our lives in the web industry.

As many of you know I operate out of our home studio. It’s ideal for my freelance lifestyle. Plus all the trendy people are doing it now. So this meme is going to be different, I’m not technically going home from work as that type of photo-shoot would be just two or three pics at best.

So what to do. I was going to do going home after a AWIA / Port80 meetup, but that didn’t work at all, as it’s at night and I’m using my crappy N80 phone camera (see rules).

What I ended up doing what my return journey home after dropping the kids of at school one morning. Technically it is going home, just then I go to work as well. The photo set is on flickr as well.

On My Way Home

So here I am crossing the school oval on the cold morning, well cold for me. Sometimes we get frost and a heavy dew on the glass of the oval. It’s especially nice when it’s been freshly cut, the smells are just amazing.

On My Way Home

Near the carpark is this row of flame trees, in the autumn, it’s now just winter here, they can be very spectacular if they have had a mild summer. Sadly that has not been the case in the last few years.

On My Way Home

And to the car, yeah the inferno red beast. Now for a short trip through suburbia. By the way the reflection of the tree wasn’t planned at all.

On My Way Home

First port of call is the post office to pick up the mail. Always love the texture and rigidity of the design of the post boxes. Got a few strange looks taking this picture I can tell you.

On My Way Home

This particular morning I have been cruising around on the last few litres in the car’s tank. Should have plenty to make it the petrol station.

On My Way Home

Driving through the Perth ‘burbs to a discount petrol station. Sorry folks no amazing artwork like Ruth found or impressive buildings like Ben or Nat have. I just get the back streets of suburbia. Not even a dead cat or stray wheelie bin. Disappointing.

On My Way Home

At the petrol bowser, if you want to know what we are paying for a litre of fuel at the moment I have that documented as well. Of course I didn’t want to freak out the station attendant by taking a photo while the pump was running. Urban myths aside of exploding petrol tanks.

On My Way Home

With a full tank, it’s finally homeward bound, down a few streets to home, it’s amazing how long the shadows are at this time of the morning.

On My Way Home

Outside my home about 18 months ago this plague of ants has swept in a migrating wave across our property. They dig into everything. Removing them is slow process of systematic poisoning off the nests.

On My Way Home

Crossing the oval, does tend to leave a good deal of grass on your shoes. So better wipe my feet before entering.

On My Way Home

Finally after all that, home, into the studio and the day begins.

Bit of a backwards approach with this, I’m going from home to work, not the standard going home from work. Time to set the wheels in motion for the next participants.

The Rules

Well these are very simple:

  • Use a simple camera, the simpler the better,
  • Upload them to flickr or whatever your preference is, but as long as they can be seen through the web,
  • Tag them if you can with “onmywayhomeme”,
  • Blog it and tell the story,
  • Tag your mates.

The Tagged

The following folk are tagged with this meme:

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  1. What a great spin on the idea! love it.

  2. Thanks for doing this Gary. I love to see what my friends see.

    Isn’t the fuel prices horrendous? We broke the $100 barrier this week.

  3. @Ruth yeah I hit the $75 mark this fortnight, which was a bit of a shock.. I hate to think what others are spending a week going back and forth to the CBD.

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  5. […] was recently tagged by Gary Barber from Man With No Blog to take part in the On My Way Home Meme started by Ben Winter-Giles. Like Gary, I work from a […]

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for tagging me for this, Gary. It was my first meme and I quite enjoyed it once I worked out what to do.

    Oh, and if you want to save money on petrol, keep away from those green & yellow servos!

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