Time for a Change


When I started this blog 18 months back, the design and template was temporary at best. But as you do, I tweaked and tweaked. Added a theme randomiser, moved things around. Suddenly it’s 18 months on and the temporary design is looking like it’s in for the long haul. However overall the design just niggled at me. Sure the colours worked, but the layout frankly was just not me, it just didn’t resonate at all.

So last Sunday I quietly rolled out Manwithnoblog 2.0.

This design is based around a modified sandbox template, can’t help but hack the templates. I still have a list of some minor modifications And as you can expect, I’m never 100% happy with any design, there is always something that’s just not quiet right, something that is just never prefect. Perfect design I have found over the years is really unobtainable. With this in mind I would expect that this design will shift and evolve over time. I have few interesting ideas in progress, so for those visiting in person you will get a few visual treats from time to time.

In case you missed it the previous design used to sport 7 random designs, really they are nothing special, but still I have documented these on flickr.

The main design requirement I had this time around was to uncluttered the blog, keep it simple. If an element didn’t have any central benefit, then it went. That’s not to say some elements will not return in the longer term, just not at the moment. Mind you if there are elements that you personally would like to see back on the blog, just drop me a line.

The visual design started with two main inspirational elements, the silver scales and texture of a fish and inline stake frames. These morphed into a tech-gigerish theme. I may extend this concept a little further.

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