PicLens Steps up a Notch



You know when you have one of those real “Oh My God” moments (hat tip Dave Wallace).

These days on the web it’s not very often for me at least. I seem to have seen most of it before in real life or in some other forms on the web. Well maybe I have been living in a cave or something, but the Cooliris browser extension PicLens seems to have stepped up a notch since I last had a look a little over 12 months ago.

Piclens allows you to visually search on nominated sites for images, product images or video and display them in a perspective 3D wall, that can be zoomed left and right and focused on a item as well without clicking.   When I looked at it previously it was unstable and only did a single image with scroll bar of thumbnails at the bottom, not very exciting at all.

Well now the interface has transformed. It’s intuitive, easy to use, it makes finding information via the visualisation presented very easy.

The one limitation is that there are only a handful of sites can be search on. But think of it, if this was rolled out across all the online shops, media blogs, art collectives (hint Red Bubble), publishers, stockphoto sites and photo galleries this could transform the web. Change the way we interact. It’s taken the boring flat web page and collected the visuals and condensed it into the immediate results.

Go try it, primarily it’s for Firefox, but there are other browsers supported. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

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