Best Western Australian Blog Slap Down


WA Web Award 2007

Okay this is a blog slap down challenge.

Is your blog up to the grade to win a real award, judged by leading experts in their fields.  Last year this blog was.

So this year I’m issuing a challenge to all Western Australian Bloggers can you out do this blog.  Can you out do the man with no blog.  Can you win a Western Australian Web Award.

There are a few rules, go over the WA Web Awards site and check them out.

The important one is the site must have been launched or relaunched during the last financial year (2007 to 2008).

Okay the pages (html/css) also have to validate, but don’t worry about the design to much as that isn’t as important as the content.  Yeap in this case content is king.  I have been a little busy freelancing and with AWIA duties of late so you may pip me at the post on that one alone!

I’m entering this blog, are you entering yours or are you just a little scared to mix it with the big boys. Maybe you just don’t have the balls. (Edit: Note the WAWA’s are closing on Thursday  7th August 2008)

‘Course if you know of friends or blogosphere colleagues that could enter, twist their arm get them to enter as well.

Come on are you up for the Slap Down! 🙂

Edit – 25/7, Clarification: the WAWA’s judges have issued a list of Hints and Tips for Entrants.  You will note that you don’t have to redesign your blog to enter.

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