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The Edge of the Web

You know in Perth people complain and carry on that nothing comes to Perth, all the good events, concerts, show and so on, all by-pass Perth.

Well with the Edge of the Web this all changes, forever.

The Australia Web Industry Association (AWIA) has given you a world class conference on your doorstep.

The Edge of the Web is a web design and development conference that you see only on the east coast. But it’s in Perth.  When 6-7 November.   But wait there is more.  There are 4 workshops from leading experts.  And wait there is even more.  To finish it all off there is the WA Web Awards Dinner (you have entered haven’t you) on the Friday night.  This makes it one rocking web blast of a week.

Glance over the speakers for the Edge of the Web, Chris Messina, Derek Featherstone, Cameron Adams, Sonja Bernhardt, Ben Buchanan, Stephen Collins, Kai Koenig, Lisa Herrod, Nick Hodge, Marc Lehmann, Tim Lucas, Laurel Papworth, Donna Spencer and Russ Weakley.

I’m not trying to spin BS to you these people are the leading lights in their fields.  The best in the region, the best in the world.  This is a chance to see, hear and learn from the best in the web industry.  You don’t have to go flying all the way to Sydney or the US to see these people. No incurring the travel and accommodation costs.

Forget about taking a course or workshop from someone you never heard of, with some company that has a secondary motive to sell you other services,  these are the real deal, go on Google them, I’ll wait!

I’ll let you into a little secret when we drew up the wish list of speakers we wanted to talk at this conference we expected at lot of people to just brush us aside.  But this was not the case, in fact we ended up with pages of world class speakers all wanting to talk in Perth, to come and see the web community that in some areas are world leaders.  This stunned us a little, and of course it made the selection even harder.  So this speaker list isn’t just those that would come.  It’s the best of the best.

Now you maybe thinking, “Yeah, yeah, I can’t afford to go, I’ll do it next year.”  Well think about it, if this conference is not successful with the core of the WA web industry backing it, do you think anyone else is ever going to run a web conference of this scale again in Perth with world class speakers.  I think not.

Take it from me hearing just what a few of these people had to say (from other conferences) has totally changed the direction and way I deliver web sites.  If you want a long term career in the web industry, then I would be trying anything to go to this conference.

As a web professional the cost for this conference is money well spent,  considering it will change the way you work on the web.

You still have three months until the Edge of the Web, 6 and 7 of November.   But if I where you I would take advantage of the early bird special and the discounts for AWIA members and get my tickets ASAP.

And after all this is said an done you also get to experience the Perth Port80 Posse parties first hand!

So are you up for going to the edge?

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  1. Well, I dunno about you Gary, but $600-1000 is not something that Freelancers can just find because we think its worth it. I for one think it would be tremendously helpful, but really can’t justify the cost.

    I wish they’d offered a package deal or installment plan.

    I do wonder (out loud) if AWIA as an organisation are actually interested in anyone but agencies and the “bigger” freelancers out there.

  2. @Téa: Well $395 for the conference is a deal considering who is speaking.

    It is interesting I wouldn’t consider myself on the “bigger” end of the freelancer scale, but I have managed to attend at least one east coast conference a year.

    I would be interested in knowing what price people would be honestly prepared to pay for a local conference. And the quality of the speakers they would expect.

    Would a book now, pay later scheme (before the event) help people.

  3. It’s not so much an issue of affordability for me re: the price. I don’t think I said that it wasn’t actually worth it. As for travelling, there is no way that that is feasible for me at all, but we are in different markets 🙂

    I think its about accessibility. Cashflow is a BIG issue in my business, even though the actual money is good, when it arrives. I think I am concerned that is a corner of the web industry that gets neglected a fair bit, because we are expected to have the same resources as agencies. I think its a wider problem than just conference fees, but permeates throughout everything from pitching/sales to Awards to everything… where we are expected to have this level playing field that ain’t so level 🙂

    But yes, the ability to book now and pay later would be very helpful, I think, to ensure that you attract people who really want to go, rather than just those that buy the seats.

    Let me emphasise that it is not merely whingeing about the cost, but making these things as accessible as possible to ALL members of AWIA, and not just discounting for students and charging everyone else equally. 🙂

  4. @Téa: As you know getting this “hidden” segment of the web industry to engage with the rest of the industry and improve it’s skill set is a hobby horse of mine.

    How do you think one could engage these people and bring them value for money talks etc they can afford. Note not free – people don’t go to free events, they have to have a commitment to go, pre-paying a token fee $20-$50 is that commitment.

  5. hmmm I agree with you and disagree at the same time re: events.

    I think you and I should try and organise more Freelancer meetups, or even have a “subgroup” of AWIA/Port80 for Freelancers to discuss the particular issues associated with it.

    I know we get busy, but maybe its something we need to take more seriously? I know that I have a tendency to fall away when I get busier.

    I don’t know whether we need to have specific events for smaller budget folks, per se, but merely make AWIA events more accessible across the board. It seems to be a given to give a student discount, but not to Freeancers. Maybe there should be slightly different prices for those 1-5 businesses vs the 6+?

    If utilising something like Certegy Ezipay might help, then maybe that might be the answer?

    Maybe more broadly as an organisation we need to acknowledge the disparity in project resources, or conference budgets, or in other places, between a Freelancer and an Agency. At the moment, I feel in many cases that we have to compete in many areas with a disadvantage?

  6. Congratulations to all the organisers for putting together such a wonderful conference. It’s extremely great value. My only regret is that I can’t make it back home to Perth for the conference. It’s hard not to feel jealous of many friends being in Perth all at the same time, having a great time at this conference 😉

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