OZ-IA 2008 – Day One



So now it’s day two of OZIA 08, after having Japanese food thrown at us last night at dinner, it’s now time to review the highlights of yesterday.

Where is Square 1?  –  James Hunter.

James gave us a good perspective of the problems people have getting into the IA industry and how hard it can be to in fact cross train and become an IA.  The problems of lack of mentoring, local internships and general training.  He raises the question, where are the junior IA positions.   He has a very good point, we are just not fostering junior IA development in Australia.

Automated tree testing – faster, better, smarter?  – Sam Ng.

The thing I really liked about Sam’s presentation (besides the kerning on the font) was that he was talking about testing methods that I have been using for years, with my own home grown term.   This makes me think how many tools and techniques do we as IxD use that we all call different things, when in fact they are the same.

UX Strategy: defining and executing strategies for your projects and teams  – Steve Baty.

Steve’s presentation for me hit the nail on the head in terms of building a UX strategy.  But the thing that really got me was he focus of bringing together teams for strategy development.   This is something that I have not really considered in the past, however this resonated so well with my freelance work.

Search and sensibility: Four tales of search  – Louisa Cameron, Angus Fraser, Scott Bryant, Chris Khalil.

The one thing that came solidly out of the New Digital Media presentation was that search is king.  Search has to work, and work well.   Search is critical it must work or the site will fail.  It was very interesting to see the different types of search methods used and the implementation and testing methods used.  In fact a lot of the sessions this year seem to be focusing on search.

The Venue

Okay visually the venue is outstanding, 5 star nd beyond, the attention to detail is amazing.  But frankly the Stamford Plaza Double Bay staff are just not used to having the interaction and requirements of a 100 or so delegates of a conference.   I would say that they are just used to set and forget types of events like weddings and dinners.   Now this is no reflection on the organisers, but the venue management.

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