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Designing Gestural Interfaces and the Envelope  it came in

I love getting parcels in the post,  you know they rock up with the postal courier, often weeks to months after you have ordered them, sometimes after they have slipped your mind.  So it’s a bit of a nice surprise when they do arrive.

Well the other day a free book, Dan Saffer’s Designing Gestural Interfaces arrived from  the Web Directions crew, John and Maxine.   Seems they are giving away books for a limited time until March 13th.  All you have to do is go register for the Web Directions Roadshow.   Easy, eh.

So what’s so special about this series of workshops. Well for me it’s that there are  some leading edge UX and design practitioners, Andy Clarke, Lisa Herrod and Indi Young giving a series of one day workshops, best bit they are moving around the east coast, three cities over a week.

I’ll be rocking into Melbourne on Monday 20th April for the first day of workshops, so don’t be shy come up and say hello.

A big thank you John and Maxine, the arrive of this book, made my day. Sometimes it’s just the little things that make these moments so special.

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