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Now Perth can be busy place, with lots of professional networking events every month, seems that there are even more now with this financial hiccup, as people scramble for those networking contacts.

Funny thing is that most of the new ones  now want to sell me something or get me to join some exclusive networking group that will bring me riches and world domination by afternoon teatime.  All I have to do is just sign over a few thousand dollars a year and  feed thew group them all my business contacts for good measure.   Now I don’t know about you but the only bugger getting rich here is the person that set that scheme up in the first place.  Pyramid anyone, just without money.

Bring on the Coffee

Still all the these usual events, either cost ($10 to $90) or are very industry specific and top that off with that they are all at night.   Now that is great for the average punter that is working the 9-5 treadmill.  The evening networking events suit these people – just pop along to the event after work.

However things are a little different for freelancers, so this got me thinking.  Why not have an event that freelancers and solo workers can attend, that is  not in the evenings when family ties can hold you back from coming along.

Make it easy to get to, cheap, causal and relaxing.   Now everyone loves going to a coffee shop, even if it’s not for coffee.   So why not have a regular event that people can relax, socialise and network at the same time at a coffee shop.

Hence Freelancers Coffee was born.

It’s just really a concept, to help freelancers get out and meet people and stop being isolated, nothing more than that.   No pimping of other networking or marketing snake oil groups.  Just a simple meetup, ideally across all industries from bookkeeping, photography, marketing, graphic design, web design and so on. The more diverse the better.

Perth Freelancer Coffee

In Perth , we have a monthly Freelancers Coffee meetup, each one being at a different place each time, always near a train line, or good public transport.   Such that it moves around the suburbs, attracting different people.

This month it’s on Thursday 7th May from 10:30am at Mooba Central, 3/22 Railway Rd (near Outridge Crs), Subiaco.  If you are a freelancer of solo worker why not come along, it’ free. Well you do have to pay for your coffee.  No registration, no rsvp, no hassles, just rock up,   friendly people.

What would be ideal is if the concept of Freelancer’s Coffee were to taken up in other places around Australia if not the world.   All it takes is a few freelancers to get together and spread the word to others.

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