Spammers are Getting Tricky


If you run a Blog or any publicly facing form on the web then you now take it that spammers are a constant problem.

I have noticed over the years that the quality of the comment spammers has been improving. It is to be expect really, as the tools to combat spammers step up and gets better so the spammers will improve their scripts and tools.  Not that I like it.

Over the years you get to see the general type of spam:

  • Simple link list comment spam.
  • Comments made up of paragraphs that at first glance appear to make sense and are full of link bait.
  • Generic comments on how good the post or site is.

But Wait… there is More…

Well now there is a new kid, (well for me).   This one is going to be a little bit of a pain – The Real Duplicate Comment.

Basically the comment is well structured, it even makes sense, in fact it’s on topic. So often a fair amount of thought has gone into the comment – well at least a few minutes.

The IP addresses are random, as are the email addresses.   The URLs (no follows are on by default on this blog) go to spammy web sites, you know the type.

The only way you get to know that it’s not a real comment is that it’s often duplicated within 24-48s of posting by an exact copy of the original comment from an different commenter.

Currently my only solution is to mark them both as spam when the duplicate comment turns up.

I would be interested to know if others have encountered similar comment spam.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up Gary,

    I guess the only logical way around it would be checking the comments similarity against all other comments on that page.

  2. I can already see the next step up for the spammers would be to crawl trackbacks & reverse links and duplicate comments from the external sites.

  3. @Mountain/\Ash They have already been doing that one, its a little easier to pick sometimes, as the reference doesn’t fit.

  4. @ Ivan Vanderbyl: We cannot check spammy comments on the very same page as they sometime spring from other blogs. I think it is also hard to track if a comment is duplicated or not because they sometime come from pages which are yet to be indexed.

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