Web Awards that have Meaning


Australian Web Awards 2009

Over the years I have found that web awards tend to fall into three types:

  • The mindless handout of awards to favour colleagues.
  • Awards for the prettiest or most unusable but funky hip design.
  • An award that is a true test and representation of the best in the industry.

What I find that you are really  looking for is a web award competition that acts as a yard stick to measure your skills that is judged by your peers in the web industry, not advertising executives.

Something that congratulates the web designers and developers that are following web standards and producing sites that are accessible and inline with the latest in best practices.

That means something. It should be hard won, against the best that the Australia web industry has to offer.   With lots of meaningful categories that complement the sites you develop.

An award that will give you that recognition for all those late nights, un-billable hours and murderous deadlines.

You know it would be perfect if it was also a value asset that would promote you and your clients business as well.

Maybe I’m just dreaming.

…However this is what the Australian Web Awards, now in its 5 year of handing out awards, has been doing.

Now I have been involved with the Australian Web Awards committee now for two years. This is  a completely volunteer run event.  In a way it’s totally about giving back to the community.  It was amazing last year to see the high quality of the submissions to the Web Awards.   Also of interest was the outstanding effort  of entries that made it through the judging and vetting process to the finals.

Last year, I was expecting the East Coast to be dominate in the awards and produce an overall winner.  However it seems the East Coast doesn’t have what it takes, and the the West Coast was triumphant.

Which is a strange outcome given there where very few Western Australian judges.  I do wonder if the East Coast really does have  what it takes.

Nominations for the Australian Web Awards are open now, yes right now! They close on the 8 July 2010. No extensions.   I would be thinking about getting your entry in now.

The bottom line is if you think some of the web sites, produced over the last financial year are good enough to stand up with the best in Australia, then you should be entering the Australian Web Awards.

Do you have what it takes. I’m sure you do!

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