Redesigning the World, maybe not



Lately  there has been a resurgence in the discussion over using design for the greater good. From using design principles at the boardroom table, to solving third world problems with better interaction design.  Who are we really kidding!

While the concepts are very noble and I can see how it can be done. There really needs to be a dose of reality in all this.

The overriding principle is that we can change the world through design. We do this by influencing everything we design.  Such that we are producing high quality products that take into account sustainability, inclusivity and still focus on the business and audiences at hand.

Yes I know this isn’t impossible and is a great idea.

Still let’s just stop and think about this.   I don’t know about you, but I don’t think the scope of the clients I deal with day to day are really going to have any influence on a large scale.

Sure I work hard and consider all the angles that I can for my clients.   But realistically their budgets and scope of their business just doesn’t allow for much alurtistic design.

Now I would just love to follow these outstanding principles if the opportunity arises.

I  would also love to see a dose of realism thrown into this mix.   It’s all very well and good, for a group of luminaries working on top end projects to spout on about these principles.  Frankly I don’t believe the web sites, we are all designing and building on a daily basis, here at the other end of the specrum are going to make any real difference.

What do you think, can our design make a difference anymore?  Can we change the world one design at a time.

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