Perth Web Accessibility & Inclusive Design Meetup


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I have been meaning to get a meetup together for the Perth Web Accessibility community for a while, like about a year.

Well it was good friend and colleague Lisa Herrod in Sydney that inspired me to kick my arse into action. Particualtly after she started  the equivalent Sydney accessibility meetup.

The plan is simple to get people with a distinct interest in web accessibility or practicing web accessibility and inclusive design  professionals to come along to a regular meetup.  Share our knowledge and in general find ways to promote web accessibility and inclusive design within the Perth business and public sectors.

Now if you don’t really have an interested in web accessibility and are just coming along to network or for general marketing, well there are other meetup or regular networking groups you should go to instead.

I would rather you not attend if you have no real interest in accessibility.

This is a very specific meetup group,  I’m giving no quarter that it is a very topic focused group.

If you don’t have a passion for accessibility maybe this is not for you.

When: 7:30am Wednesday 24th November 2010.
Where: Cafe 54, Shop 6, 54 Pier St, Perth
Cost: Price of Breakfast

On the other hand if you do, then see you there.  Please RSVP via meetup

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