The Mobile Web is Not Going Away


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I was killing time, waiting, doing the Dad’s Taxi thing. While I waited, I was catching up on Twitter, on my phone, plus reading the various articles from my stream.

You know what is becoming a real pain point.

Non responsive designed web sites. The ones that don’t scale well on mobile devices, sadly they are still the norm.

Especially news and information sites.

Why is it the information on these sites being the major selling point and yet it seems to be very hard to access on a mobile device. it’s not like mobile is new.

It’s got to the point when I follow a link to one of these sites and it becomes to hard to read I just abandon the article.

Change is Required

Now in the early days of the mobile web, a few years back, I would put up with this.

Sure I could get reasonable rendering of a page. But you know its just too small to read effectively.

So you zoom in and play the silly game of rescale the page just right so you can see the content area filling the screen. Being careful not to touch those damn banner ads.

Well I’m sick of this!

I just want to get on the site read the information and go. Not spend half my time realigning the page so I can start reading the site. How hard can it be, we have the technology.

After all I’m the one in control here. If your site is just making to too hard to read on a mobile then why should I bothered staying.

Interconnectivity is the Key, not the app

The key here is being able to interconnect and link information sources in a way than I can browse a stream of information, conversation and the like that I am interested in and can read with ease.

Not articles that has been selected by some marketing focused editor on some mobile app.

Just like the social network is about me. So the information sources on the web need to be about me.

Yet people are in love with apps. They are the savior of the universe, or so we are being told. This has refocused media outlets to the mobile app space, instead of first looking at their web sites.

Present the only way to truly interconnect information is via the humble hyper link, the backbone of the web, with a little RSS thrown in for good measure. Not a handful of mobile apps.

Mobile Apps just fail in this area as you can’t really, at present, link information sources between them. Unless they act as an aggregator like FlipBoard.

Given this wouldn’t the web be a better delivery medium for information sites than the silo of an app.

I Want My Web, My Way, Now.

There you go media, news and information sites you are on notice.

Your apps are a waste of time, they are just dead silos of information. They are not an excuse to not format your web sites for the mobile web.

You need to go back and stop playing in the app sandbox and get into the wilds and fix your web sites, make them usable, readable on my mobile device.

Or I’m just going to look elsewhere. 🙂

I do wonder how the mainstream deals with this issue.

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