Things are not Dead Here


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You may have noticed that the output from this blog has slowed over the last ten or so months from at least a post a week to if you’re lucky one post a month. Sorry about that.

I can’t really put my finger on why my blogging output has decreased.

I still like writing, I mayn’t be any good at it, but I do enjoy the process. Writing in this type of format is liberating and can be very creative. Very different from corporate report speak of business .

Still there must be some reasons for this decrease in output:

Increased Workload

Yes it does sometimes get busy, especially on the home (non business) front. Still even business wise I have crazy periods and slow ones. Sometimes for the first time in ages it’s been at a complete dead stop. So I don’t think it’s an overload of work. I always seem to have the capacity for more.

Less Quiet Time to Reflect

The lack of time to stop reflect, to have that down time or moments between, may be a contributing factor. Often during these times I will mentally formulate and draft design ideas and posts. So this reduction of this time would be a factor.

Volunteer Work

The other day I worked out how much time I dedicate to general volunteer work. From organisating two meetups, mentoring people, the occasional presentation and organising the Australian Web Awards. This does take up a lot of time. Often leaving me will little personal time. It’s this personal time I used for blogging.

Lack of Ideas for Articles

Well not really. I have at least three to four ideas for posts every day, most I forget to document, especially when I haven’t had the time to act on them.


Well my twitter and other social media output has dropped as well. So that’s not it.


So it comes down to time and lack of it – doesn’t it always. Seems I’m filling my life too much with volunteer work for others and not enough for me.

Now to do something about that.

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