Group Voting – Watch the Bias


Melbourne Street Art 2011

Recently I have been noticing a heavy group biasing effect with internal teams. This seems to be occurring a great deal around any visible voting system such as Dot Voting.

This has been to the extent that people are voting down the real intent and privately desired outcomes in favour of a conservative group safe outcome. Which is usually not what is wanted.

Dot Voting

Currently dot voting is achieved by handing out a nominated number of dots (votes) and these are placed in full view of  group members on the nominated items, with the previous votes visible at the same time.

Sketchnoting as a Talk Review Tool


Two models of design lead innovation - Steve Baty

I have been sketchnoting for a while now and I do find it a very easy way to personally document and retain information.

Over this period of time I have sketchnoted a good deal of technical and non-technical talks sometimes about subjects that I didn’t have a full understanding of.

The other day I was reviewing my sketchnotes, musing over this talk or that event,  and I noticed something, a pattern within the sketchnotes.

The Old Webmaster is New Again


Rusted Train wheels

The other day I was browsing through various online job boards looking for contracts or longer-term work, as you do.

It was becoming apparent that the wheel is starting to turn full circle. The days of the specialist maybe waning, as the generalist takes hold again.

Back Yesterday

Remember back at the start of the web (1994-95) when you had one person doing the development, design, analysis and devops for a website.  Oh the “good old days”

Apt the websites weren’t that complex, back then, but to counter that the tools we have now where just non-existent.

The Slow Rot of Stagnation


Melbourne Graff August 2013

This happens to all of us from time to time.

We get in the situation where we are stagnating.

You know it well – it has been months since we learnt any new skill or technique. It’s not that we are just perfecting our existing skills.

The day to day routine isn’t unpleasant, it’s just not stimulating, it has become more of the same.

The research is all the same, the analysis is just the same common patterns. Everything seems to be on a constant washing machine cycle of rinse and repeat, sound familiar?  Think about it, are you stagnating?