UX First, Web Standards and Accessibility Second


Building Construction and Crane

Web Standards and Web Accessibility aren’t that important. There I said it.

When normal people (non technical, non web industry) use a website, app or online service, they only consider their experience, they don’t for one minute consider how the site was constructed, if it follows standards, if it is responsive, if it is accessible to all people.

People are very self centred, you have to remember that.  They don’t care if the site is going to work for anyone else, just them, and them alone.

They just consider, “does this work for me!”

Heretical Ideas – Abandon all the Pretty Reports


Storyboard Production

A few years ago I proposed that we stop wireframing everything and that we do some sketches and then prototype.

I’m really glad the message has got out and people are considering that wireframing is just a transition to the prototyping.

However there is still a good number of issues when designing to support a good user experience that we need to get rid of.

We have become oppsessed with the artefact – the final report or diagram.  A good deal of resources is just wasted producing them.

Sustaining the Jam

Sketchnote of Perth Sustainability Jam 2012
Sketchnote of the Jam for 2012

Over the last weekend, 2-4 November, I participated in the first ever Perth Sustainability Jam, as part of the Global Sustainability Jam, 48 hours, 59 locations saving the world.

The Jam was a fun, if not an exhausting experience.  

It showed clearly how to bring together a room of strangers, from different backgrounds, and forge them into a cohesive quality team producing outstanding results in less than 21 hours (working time) out of the 48 hours allocated.

One of the refreshing attitudes was not discussing how to do the processes and techniques around the jam, but to just get on and do them, learning on the fly in most cases.

Customer Disconnection?


arped male face Street Art in Northbridge

As a UX Consultant I see a great deal of disconnection between providers and customers all the time.

In large respected organisations I have often seen support people, call center staff, BAs, developers,  managers, directors, and the like laughing and making fun of an email from a customer.   With no regard for the customer, or their viewpoint, or the issue they are having.   The customer in their eyes is just an idiot, to be discarded.

This has to stop.   After all aren’t ‘customers’ still people just like you and me, even aren’t we customers.