About Me

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I am Gary Barber, my days are filled with being a freelance user experience consultant and running my own business which specialises in consulting on usability, user experiences and accessibility.

Okay this means I get to design usable experiences for websites, desktop, mobile applications and a lot of different interfaces.  Which is great as this lines up with my passion to make all the world usable by everyone.

What I Can Do

I have been working within the information industry in  various capacities since the early nineties.  I have extensive experience in interface design as well as interaction design, user experience design, information architecture development.  I can also code as well as design. although I reverse this for prototype development now.

Having travelled through various roles within the information and web industry  from design and development in the government, energy and  private sectors –  I have  designed large intranets, social media sites, CMS and realigned sites back to their core business via the use of the industries best practices.

All the while I have been doing this I have from time to time been mentoring teams and exercising my passion for  creativity, usability and accessibility.

Contributing to the Community

I consider contributing to the community as an important aspect of ones career.  Therefore I am constantly volunteering my time to various professional bodies. I have worked with the Australian Web Industry Association and the Australian Web Awards in the past,  I have also been involved in the BarCamp movement and various user experience and usability groups.

I also do a fair amount of public speaking on web and freelancing related topics on a regular basis, the previous presentations and their notes from a selection of these talks are available online.

About This Blog

This award winning blog focuses on things web related, mostly on the UX design process and front end development. Such topics as usability, information architecture, web standards, accessibility, web design, social networking and the web industry in general pop up from time to time.

Contacting Me

I can be contact via my business radharc, emailing gary@manwithnoblog.com  or via my usual suspects of social networking sites: