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Web Directions South 2007 - Day One

Post Lunch, comes forth with the usual multiple stream conflicts as you normally get with a conference like Web Directions South. Lucky there is power charging and free wifi in the breakout areas. Looking forward to the Bert Bos discussion of the revision of HTML and CSS.

John Allsopp – Trends and predictions in web technology

John Allsopp repeated it again, the web is now the platform, he looked at the internals of the stack of the web platforms. The centre can’t hold it all, its all moving outwards, moving away from the control. Technology is removing the friction, off loading the boring stuff to the machines. Privacy and security are still important and should be considered, we must always be aware of the implications of the security and the information being held.

We need to consider the user more than the technology (eg the Wii). The fact is the internet is no longer on the web, its a shared device on the web now. Its beyond the office or the bedroom. But this comes with challenges, like resolution and accessibility, mousing and interaction, text input, and shared experience.

The mobile web, is it here. No baselines, to fallback on. various user events (mousing) just don’t make sense. Many of our design layout patterns just need to be rethinked. Passive input is here now, track and reporting on events is available now.

The traditional computing and web is being disrupted. The removal of the islands of islands of data. It is pushing the limit of the data at the edges. The of the API and the semantic content distribution is allowing for the distribution of the data at the edges.

The challenge is now becoming changing the view form leveraging the value of the content to leveraging value of letting users use your data and use it for mashup and the use of the content ecosystems. The promoting and encouraging of the ecosystems around you. But what about licencing, that’s always going to be an issue. Consider building atomic applications.

Bert Bos – A new life for old standards – revisions to HTML, CSS and others

Bert Bos asked, should we modify or build something new. He ram through the various working groups that are in operation. In the area of HTML its in the area of modify than replace. But in the multimedia is arena it is new verses modify.

CSS – new features for CSS2, for level 3 and level 4. The question becomes what do we add to CSS, he listed the new features that are being considered.

Designers Wants:

  • Advanced Layout – define template system
  • Grid Positioning – flexible coordinate system
  • Stretched Backgrounds
  • Multiple Backgrounds
  • Rounded Corners
  • Rotation and Other Transformations (rotate block before and after text)

It was good to see and hear Bert speak. It was interesting to hear and see his passion in various issues and learn of the disappointments with the W3C. Of interest

Chris Wilson – Moving the web forward

Chris Wilson discussed the connection of people and the interconnection of people is now the core of the fore-front of the web itself. Now we need to look at how we can improve it.

Web 2.0 – “Caring about the quality of web UI”

People are grouped as Web Developers, Browsers Vendors, and the rest. No consistent browser platform. The challenge for browser vendors is that we can’t break the web and the previous implementations (IE has over half billion users). Compatibly prevents browser upgrade. So supporting previous versions of the browsers We need ton consistently improve five things of the web:

  • Secure
  • Stable
  • Interoperable
  • Preformant
  • Powerful

Security needs to be everyones concern. Not just the browser vendors, developers should be concerned too.

But what do developers want:

  • Works in x should work in x.1
  • Pages that work to web standards
  • Shouldn’t have to extend browser matrix

Standards need to show what works in the wild, we need to work together. IE.Next will ship with an improved layout engine, also realise that people build the web differently today than in the past.

After Chris Wilson, it’s the Web Direction Reception, then the Sydney Twitter Underground Brigade Meetup.

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