Web Directions South, Day Two – Hangover and Breakfast


Web Directions South 2007 Breakfast

Day Two, after drinks at the Watershed. Early start with a small breakfast with Bert Bos. This was interesting to see Bert’s view and personal passions. His perfect world of online privacy and security has been tempered by his immersion into the security community. I can see why Bert has his view, but I think he needs to look into a real world view, things are changing. Also discussed was the proposed additions to CSS like translation of the print paradigm to the web paradigm.

Scott Berkun – The myths of innovation

Gave an overview on the concept of innovation, in the mistakes come before innovation. In that innovation is not really possible with failure, people do not learn without failure. Concepts of interest is that the work of the mind will outlast the work of the body.

Explorers are like innovators, they made lots of mistakes. The myth of innovation spins the success and process of innovation into the limelight.

Success of innovation and human nature, is the emotion response of change. Often people will disregard a technology because your culture can make you innovation blind. Make it transparent.

Innovation in the work place. Enabling innovation, supporting innovation, managing innovation. delegate responsibility with empowerment for creativity. Mistakes will be made, be aware of the this. Reward innovation for staff.

Andrew Downie and Grant Focas – Javascript and other coding for good or evil

This was a talk on accessibility and javascript from the practical view point.

Use of definition lists with in menus, found they where not being supported in Windows Eyes. Used a unordered list with “close” and “expanded” attributes. Using javascript to insert into forms, but it must happen ahead of the screen reader cursor position. This must occur immediately after cursor or it will not be readable. Don’t use display:none as it can’t be seen by screen readers, use position:absolute and left..

Do screen readers prefer inline or external javascript, this mode made no difference. Have a look at juicy studio of enhanced methods come buffer refresh of the presented data. If flash objects are written well they can be accessible, if they are written to be accessible, via use of alternative instructions.

Screen readers don’t read the proposed audio components in CSS, and don’t look likely. This was a good talk, it was really down to earth and practical.

Ben Winter-Giles – Managing agile projects

Discusses that we are goal orientated, we are goal focused. We are very focused on the goal and yet we are based. He looked at the use of agile teams and their use within large organisations. They need to be managed, more protected than managed. This personally is typical. Within a large organisations you will get people just specialised and focused. Agile teams run on short windows, with a focus on vision not delivery items in extremely short time periods. These teams work in a lifestyle not a procedure states. They work on a basis of Form, Think, Build, Release, Review.

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