OZ-IA 2008 – Day Two



So on with the summary of the second day for OZIA 2008. Okay this is a few days late, but better late than never, eh. Day two sees the return of three minute massages, juice bar, real coffee and great speakers after the official and alternative (late) dinners. As with day one I’m not going to summarise it all, but just go over  few highlights I had.

Website to Webapp – designing for workflow – Shane Morris

Shane Morris looked at the problem of using tools and techniques developed for the old school web of the document view to the newer application based web site.  And how they just don’t apply anymore and how there are alternatives like screen flow (in various forms) and functional mapping techniques could be used instead.

How many seconds does it take to order a burrito? – Zafer Bilda

This was an incredibility interesting talk on the application of Information Architecture techniques onto the improvement of sales and procedures for a small food chain.  It was especially enlightening to see so many user research and navigation tools being used in what is traditionally a marketing area.

Contextual Enquiries – the who, how, why, and when – Lisa Herrod

Despite some minor technical issues, Lisa Herrod delivery a  good presentation on contextual enquiries.   It was really just an overview of some of the pain points and ways around them for people wanting to move into this area of contextual research.    I found myself agreeing with many of the points she was making.  Of particular importance was the classic do’s and don’ts.  This will be one talk to rewatch on the video.

The Pleasure and Pain of UX freestylin’ – Donna Spencer, Gary Barber

I have no idea what this session was like, as I was presenting it, feedback is always welcome.

If you missed, maybe the slide deck will help, yes it does contain ‘that’ slide.  Hopefully the podcast and video will follow.  Sorry no transcript at this point in time.

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