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I’ve been back from UXAustralia 2012 for a few weeks; some elements have faded, while some have been reinforced. This is the reality of work life.

There were a number of talks that kept coming back to the theme of “making a difference”. This really struck a cord with me.

Maybe for too long we have been engaged in the day-to-day mundane projects, you know the ones they pay the bills. They are subsistence, and that is all, there is nothing in them that allows for us to grow as people.

Sure you may improve your skills from time to time, but they are like just eating rice and water, it just helps you survive.

Reality and Changing Track

Unless these projects can make a real change; then really what is the point.

For example if a project can influence the right people to kick off a cultural change, or mentor a group to use user centered principles, or solve one of those really hard issues – then that is something substantial, something with meaning.

Otherwise aren’t we just painting some corporate wall just to have it overwritten by another team a few years later.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. As a freelancer I often can’t be too picky at the projects I choose, after all I have a family to feed.

Still I can’t help think I’m doing this all wrong. I need to be looking for something in which I will really make a difference, or at least put a team on the right path.

Before I attended UXAustralia I was a little despondent with the state of things.

I just that my career and the projects I did seemed to be destined to be endlessly affairs were all I seemed to do was throw documents over walls. Even the projects were I worked closely with the internal team, there just wasn’t enough time to really instigate any real change. You just planted a seed and hoped.

The Light of Change

However UXAustralia has reenergized me!

I has given me a new direction, something to aim for besides the endless cycle of finding more work for hungry mouths.

Now I don’t know what it is that I’m look for yet, let’s hope the next few months will guide me to the right project that I can feel passionate about, and not just another “rice and water” affair.

You know I have been musing over this for a while; I would even give up the freelancing lifestyle for the right project. After all it’s not like I haven’t had a good crack at it after 17 years. You can’t say I haven’t been successful as a UX freelancer.

So with this article, I’m putting myself on the market.

Let’s see how long this lasts.

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